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Even if the economy is getting close to hopeless, many entrepreneurs are still going all out on creating new businesses. Most of them are considering creating e-commerce business. E-commerce, or less popularly known as electronic commerce, is the method of selling and buying products over electronic systems. These electronic systems include computer networks and the internet. Most entrepreneurs think that the downward slope of the economy is loosely affecting e-commerce. With the current data with e-commerce, its share and popularity on the United States total retail sales is still growing. Even if the economy is down, e-commerce is still gaining shares.With this news, it is inevitable that many businesspersons will try to create an e-commerce version of their business. In addition, you might also want to join in the e-commerce industry. In reality, there are many competitors on the internet alone. You can just perform a search in a search engine about a certain product and there will be tons of e-commerce websites on the search results. Most of them are trying hard to obtain customers. However, only a few of them are successful on getting their e-commerce website profit. Earning in e-commerce is definitely not like a walk in a park.

However, there are ways that you can follow for you to have an edge against your competitors. Surprisingly, they are not that complicated to do. So if you are planning to take the first step on creating an e-commerce business or website, be sure to take the following in mind. In addition, do take note that in step 3, it is necessary that you get a cheap webhosting provider.1. Think of one niche that you specialize in. If you are a crafter of jewelry, better concentrate on selling or making jewels. This is one of the basic in business do not forget this.2. Next is to know your market, business, and future consumers. Would you be a retailer? Alternatively, would you like to be the manufacturer? You can be both if you want to. In addition, you had better know the demands of your future consumer.3. Then you must now create a website of your own. You must get the cheapest domain registration there is on the internet. You will benefit greatly for their prices.4. Decide on how you will create your website. Would you be the one who would do it? On the other hand, will you hire web technicians for them to do it for you? You must definitely decide on this one carefully.

5. Make sure you can reach your customer. Create some good advertising schemes for your business. You can implement viral marketing to your product or you can apply search engine optimization to your website. Either way works.Those mentioned above are the fundamentals you must know and must do when starting an e-commerce business. Those people or business that does not follow those basic things will surely suffer from difficulties on getting their e-commerce business click. In addition, with the economy today, it is difficult to risk your money on a business that will not work. Therefore, be always reminded to follow those mentioned above, especially with getting a cheap webhosting provider. It will surely help you save a few extra dollars if you do find one.

How Important Is Facebook Commerce? | E-Commerce

To understand how important Facebook commerce will be, you’ll need to take a step back and realize just how large of a marketplace Facebook really is. There are currently over 600 million users with each user connecting to a minimum of 130 friends and roughly 80 different interest groups. Each of these users will spend time posting over 80 pieces of content on their profiles each month. All Facebook users worldwide spend over 600 billion minutes each month providing details about their lives and checking on details about others.With these numbers, Facebook has become a powerhouse when it comes to online commerce. Many people call Facebook commerce ‘F-commerce’ because of its popularity and effectiveness. But there are many different ways a business owner can take advantage of this type of commerce and it’s not just selling through or within Facebook.

* Facilitated site sellingMany companies take complete advantage of this type of commerce because they can sell their products more effectively when tapping user interests and connections to back the purchasing process. You see, if you visit a site that has a like button and you are logged into Facebook, you will discover that there are people on the social network that have liked the product.Some of the people may even be within a friend circle of your own. In many cases, if you visit a site that has a connection with this social network, your friend’s likes and reviews will be visible. This is called facilitated selling and works very effectively.* Initiated sellingBusinesses can set up storefronts on their respective pages. They show their products and services and once a person decides to make a purchase, they are then taken to the respective site to finish their checkout or shop for additional products.

* On site sellingThis is when a business owner has decided to perform all sales and interaction with client’s right on the social network itself. This utilizes Facebook commerce to its full effectiveness. There are many companies that take advantage of this form of commerce and like it much more than the other ways listed above.Regardless of the type of Facebook commerce you would like to get involved in, it’s important to understand the gravity that this type of commerce provides. It’s also important to know how using this type of commerce alone can help to grow your business in more ways than one.